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Cristina's House of Hope

Cristina's  House of Hope (Incorporated) CFN/21296 is endorsed as a deductible gift recipient and tax concession charity -public benevolent institution.

Sexual abuse of children is a worldwide epidemic of long term health issues that has reached a critical point in humanity.  Most victims of sexual abuse don't report the crime committed against them and survivors fall into a gap in our community and in our society.  While there is a gap in services to meet the needs of people who have been sexually abused, the other gap is in our own subconscious mind. This is a gap in space and time in our own mind, not being really here present in the now or back there, in the past where we were abused as children.

We need to address this problem of childhood sexual abuse and openly talk about these real issues of concern while we support back to health, people who are ill and broken by this silent crime in communities.

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