These books and cards have been donated by the author Cristina Magnante of Secrets of a Broken Heart to Cristina's House of Hope and all profits from the sales are directed to Cristina's house of hope Inc.

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Secrets of a Broken Heart (English)

secrets of a broken heartPaper Back: $31 AUD inc. postage & handling. 

This is the heroic story of a courageous woman whose life began in a little village in southern Italy. With a simple faith and a belief in a loving God, she allowed herself to be woken from the numb state of her life. 

Segreti di un Cuore Spezzato (Italian)

Copy of Segreti di un Cuore SpezzatoPaper Back: $31 AUD inc. postage & handling. 

Questa è l'eroica storia di una donna coraggiosa la quale vita cominciò in un piccolo villaggio nel sud Italia. Con una semplice fede e credo nell'amore di Dio, permise a se stessa di essere risvegliata dal suo stato di intorpidimento.

The Exile Years (English Only)

Copy of the exile yearsPaper Back: $31 AUD inc. postage & handling. 

In this second volume of a trilogy, Cristina continues her heartbreaking story of childhood abuse, rejection, lies and recovery. As the memories of her past become more and more clear and as she journeys back in time, the truth of what really happened all those years ago, in a small villages in Southern Italy, becomes more and more incredible.

Spirit of Love (English Only)

Copy of spirit of lovePaper Back: $43 AUD inc. postage & handling. 

The pictures and story of the lotus show the struggle of my inner journey from beginning to end. The Lotus flower lives in muddy water struggling to surface and only a few make it up to the top of the water.. The rest fight and struggle entangled by weeds that choke, infested by insects eating away at them.

Life After Death (English Only)

lifeafterdeathPaper Back: $43 AUD inc. postage & handling. 

"There are always going to be sunsets and sunrises, remembering this, will make the journey of life less painful."

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Angels - $10ea

Angel2When you purchase one of our Angels, cards or books you are helping us to build a safe house in our community for women and children in crisis of sexual abuse.

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Card Selections - $5 each Postage not included

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