What is Cristina's House of Hope?

Cristina's  House of Hope (Incorporated) CFN/21296 is endorsed as a deductible gift recipient and tax concession charity -public benevolent institution.

The major goal for Cristina's House of Hope is to set up a safe space in our community for women and children in crises from sexual abuse. We will keep you informed on the progress we make trying to get land, and regarding assistance for this project. It is a big project very dear to my heart, and will need the practical help of many. View the proposed house plans online.

 In the mean time Cristina's House of Hope provides online support to victims and survivors of child sexual abuse. We raise awareness of the epidemic of child sexual abuse. We provide a  safe place to talk, ask questions and share experiences, through online groups, telephone and face to face support. Further more we collaborate with child protection experts and advocates both nationally and internationally to educate the community and work together to prevent child sexual abuse.

Cristina's Personal Story

My name is Cristina. I am the author of Secrets of a Broken Heart, The Exile Years, Spirit of Love, and Life After Death. Cristina is the only name that truly belongs to me, even though I have been someone's daughter, someone's wife, and someone's mother. These are titles and not who I truly am. You see, I was given away at birth and the only thing that truly belongs to me and is mine, is the name "Cristina".

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House Plans

We want to build a safe home just for women and children, with many of the facilities survivors need all under the one roof, such as a Doctors surgery, with a day-care facility for children, a safe room for them to sleep in, counselling available at all time, and workshops to retrain the adult in order to help change the pattern for their children, and I would like to see the first house built in the Illawarra.

This facility will deal with hands-on -life-line practical issues related to victims of sexual abuse. We will have counselling rooms, day-care facilities that will support survivors and their children. The home will accommodate women and children in crises of sexual abuse. People who need our facility will be referred to us by such already established services in our community. In order to access this service it will be mandatory to attend a 3-week -live -in introductory course, which has to be followed up by a 6 months commitment by them, to counselling once a week and attending our in-house support group.

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